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Media + Media Sourcing and Planning

IKON Solutions Offer media resourcing and media planning solutions to Large enterprises, Media agencies, Education Institutes, SME’s and startup companies alike, IKON’s Media Plus is well aligned with the Media planners need.

What is Media Plus?

We are in the second decade of 21st century and still using traditional methodologies to write a Media plan. You need right tools to optimize your media strategy. Media Plus is an industry-specific solution that integrates all the internal and external management information across and entire Industry. A solution that allows you to centralize your media activities and streamline media planning process, also provides improved visibility on Media Campaign and gives access to real-time information as well as chronicle information of every publication.

Media Plus

is a web-based solution with the power to catch up with the changing needs of the industry, flexible and quick to integrate and deploy. It comes with a suite of modules specific to media vehicles, companies can opt for the complete suite or separate module/s based on requirement.

Media Source

Highly detailed analytical data for understanding the size of audience and their region- top publications and insight information. Clear data available for Regions, Population, Publications, Categories, Circulation and rate cards

Media Planning requires more options than ever before

  • Access 9000+ Publications on single click
  • Access to rate card, Circulation and population
  • Data Center, Disaster Recover Site
  • Access specific publication for region, state, city with their circulation, population, rate card and market share
  • Value proposition - time –flexibility – scalable and user friendly

Media Calculator

Will help you to estimate and calculate your campaign, Media plan and advertise. Calculator is integrated tool with geographic location to rate card, schemes, discounts and special rates for 9000+ publications. Using Media Calculator user can estimate cost of multiple cities for one publication or multiple publications for single city or multiple cities for multiple publications with number of insertions with a single ENTER

Media Plan

  • Media Planning made easy through workflow automation. Using Media Plan You can:
  • Plan multiple cities with multiple publications
  • Access hundreds of schemes, discounts and special rates
  • Estimate long hrs or day’s estimation work on your finger tips
  • Schedule number of insertions across number of editions and publications
  • Automated event book (Event Calendar)
  • Automated alerts for insertions
  • Automated alerts for material deadlines
  • Automated release order

Media Buying

  • will help you to find the right cost of saving for each plan and each schedule.
  • Compare your estimation with the news agencies plans and prices
  • Calculate actual cost of your campaign
  • Get the legacy data while negotiating your campaign
  • Get the insight information about the publication and cities

Media Analysis

Media Plus offers effective analytics, significant metrics and standardized reports across solution. With Media Plus, user can successfully plan, manage, and execute media campaign by collecting, analyzing the data that is critical for media planning and media buying. Gain access to data consolidation and advance analysis with multilevel information. Media Plus helps prioritize your schedule, material plan, back log schedule allocate resource and communicate the performance o campaign. With Analysis and MIS features, decision makers can gain overall visibility across campaign.