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“Information Security and Technology is ubiquitous” Which invariably extends to filiation that various concerns related to Information Systems of Various industries verticals are omnipresent.

Information Security, The necessary inevitable of today’s world!!

Information Security is looked from various perspectives. Primarily, the information security is looked from four perspectives –

  • Confidentiality ( Only Authorized Access)
  • Intergrity (Only Authorized Modifications)
  • Availability (Systems are available as per the business requirement) and
  • Non-Repudiation ( Non denial of digital communication / Contract)

To protect the information assets to the desired level, organizations require to be on the way front of the latest technology, must be updated about possible threats to the information and corresponding countermeasures.

A team of security professional with solid technology, functional and business process background providing multi facet information security solutions.

Expertise and Capabilities: Domain Expertise: Information Technology Security and Risk, Network and Industrial control / Process Control Network Security.

Business Process and Control

Professional Certifications

CISA | CISSP | ISO 9001| ISO 27001|


The team has experience of more than 50 person years in the industry with solid technical and business background

Services Offered

  • Information Systems Auditing and Assurance
  • Bank IS Audit as per regulator’s guidelines
  • Data Center, Disaster Recover Site
  • Technology Vendor Audit
  • IT Risk Assessment
  • Niche / Specific focus audit such as SERVER / RDBMS [ Database] / Process Control Network

Service Organizations

  • Implementation of BCP and DR Policy and process
  • End-to-end support in obtaining ISO 27001 (ISMS), ISO 9001 (Quality ) Certification
  • Drafting of policy and process for compliance with HIPPA requirements


  • Security Awareness training for IT teams and users for Banks and related verticals
  • Network security tools and techniques including extensive hands on practice session
  • Process Control Network Cyber Security
  • Trained CISA aspirants in their exam preparation
  • Training and awareness for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Process

Services Related to Business Application

  • Core Banking application testing to improve security, internal controls and functionality
  • Gap analysis between business requirement and application functionality
  • Testing of Security and controls for accounting and finalcial application, during / post implementation
  • Data migration testing