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What is AIS?

Active Intelligence Server is the hub which bring all our data from different sources and allow you to create, analyse and distribute your information intelligently be that in the form of reports interactive dashboard or embedded widgets in the apps

Active Intelligence server is a dynamic fast lightweight engine which alllow you to drive intelligent decision making within every layer of your organization and beyond

How does AIS works?

AIS is the powerfulfeatured rich, yet simple soution. It only take three simple steps to get access to the information which matters to yoy and your bussiness

A single integrated platforms pull together reporting and data visualization to provide a dynamix snapshot f your organization .AIS enables your bussiness to ensutre the right information is presented to the people at the right time to allow your bussiness to make a effective and timely decision.


AIS enables you to connect with virtually any data source including OLAP to extract data


AIS enables you to connect with virtually any data source including OLAP to extract data


AIS enables you to connect with virtually any data source including OLAP to extract data

About AIS

AIS is a feature rich reporting and analytics engine equipped to help millions of user from the open source community to securely, quickly and easily automate, enhance and deploy new and existing reports.

AIS comes with self-service BI capabilities enabling end users to make data driven decisions at the right time, all with minimal IT dependency. user from teh BIRT, Jaspersoft and pentaho open source communities can seamlessly schedule and deploy the reports to run at specific times and export them to different formats as per the client's need. Tightly integrated user and role management ensures correct information distribution preventing unauthorized access to information.collaboration is ever with AIS that pepole with no BI knowledge can intuitively start using tha product.

In short, AIS intuitively allows you to connect, create and convey your business data with your business and beyond without the need for complex BI knowledge.

AIS is packed full of features including:

  • Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Dashboard
  • Ad-hoc reporting
  • Report on the fly
  • Seamless Integration(Embedded BI)
  • On The fly (Mobile Tablet)


We at AIS believe that the process of report development should be simple and fast . Ais reporting provides the user ability to create interactive reports easily using it's simple drag and drop interface , allowing you to

  • Create pixel perfect reports
  • Schedule and share
  • Expert easily
  • Support BIRT Jasper and pentaho reports
  • Manage access rights
  • Create and approvals workflow

Poor data quality costs US bussinessss up to $600 billion annually


AIS Analytic platform ensures reliable metrics providing fast answers to important bussiness questions. Users from different departments can use integrated tools available at their fingertips using AIS drag and drop interface to make informed decisions, faster

  • Design for power Users
  • Drag and drop interfaces
  • drill down capabilities
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Fast Query Execution
  • Multiple Tab Options
  • Real Time Collaborations
  • Annonations

We'll explore the challenges bussinesses face while embracing , implementing and getting the most out of a bussiness Intelligence solution


The AIS Dashboard allows bussiness to see the whole picture in a single place, based on facts. Users can create an elegant AIS Interactive dashboard within minutes.

  • Create maps and charts on fly
  • Create custom visualization
  • Dynamic Linking
  • Constrain data on the fly using filters
  • Embed the dashboard in web pages and other applications
  • Scheduled your dashboard to update when it suites
  • Using the AIS drag and drop interface

Bussiness Intelligence market is predicted to reach $20.81 billion by 2018 equating to a compound annual growth rate of around 8.28%

AD HOC Reporting

AIS Ad-hoc Reporting empowers users with self services capabilities , mininising IT dependency so End Users can create their very own reports in minutes as and when they need.Ad-hoc reports can be securely shared with other users instantly

  • Reports on the fly
  • Designed for end users
  • Instant report creation
  • Self-sevices BI
  • Create custom columns on the fly
  • Minimum IT dependancy
  • Create,Edit or delete
  • Report approval

When BI is implemented coreectly ,BI can generate an ROI of $10.66 for every dollar spent

SeamLess Integration

Give access to the real time information your customer's needs by implementing AIS, its flexible architecture seamlessly integrates into a wide range of new and exiting portals. AIS is a light weight application that can be implemented in days making sure your cilent gets information quicly and efficiently as possible

  • Seamless integration -your customer needs
  • White label branding
  • Modular deployment
  • Reports embedding code available using single click
  • OEM partners ready

"Poor data or lack of understanding the data are cited as the primary reason for overrunning project costs and could cost bussiness 20% -35% of their operating revenue. "

On The Fly

Instant access to valuable information is vital to make important business decisions, which is why we have made AIS accessible virtually from every smart phone and tablet enabling decision makers to stay updated in real time and even when they are on the move

  • Mobile access,including Android, iphone and Windows phone
  • Improve Knowledge sharing
  • Making decision from virtually anywhere
  • provides ability to act swiftly
  • Collaborate on the move

Why Us

We are passionate about delivering Bussiness Intelligence solution that provide real time value to any bussiness in any industry For many years, BI has been somewhat of nice to have, if bussiness really need to grow, its important they are able to understand the bigger picture

AIS provide that we dont just want to see a product, but instead become a trusted partner,aiding your bussiness to grow through providing a solution which help you to deliver your bussiness objective

Ous team has over 80 year of collective BI experience , supportve by user communities of pentaho, Jaspersoft and BIRT which AIS supports, we are confident that your bussiness will be a welcome memeber of AIS community and we will let your data t do the taking to find critical bussiness information


The AIS mission is to provide real time intelligence to make bussiness decision more accurate, economical,efficient,durable and flexible enabling the organizations to repond rapidly to both emerging markets and growing customer needs.

We strive to make data driven technology integrate seamlessly within your bussiness and make your bussiness future ready. AIS is dedicated to bring dat driven technology readily available to bussiness of all sizes and help bring down operating costs thus adding value to their investment


Transforming todays SSE's into tommorrow industry leaders by providing them into decision making tools to increase their market shares, increase their prductivity and minimize cost

Achieving excellence in the bussiness intelligence solutions and helping organization discover maximum value from their people and processes and bering partner in their growth.


AIS is focused on enabling the organizations to see value within their data and making the information readily available to the relevant people and community. AIS is committed to work in a partership with our cilents to make this possible by bringing their value add servies to all our users this is essential for our cilent continued success

Success Stories Around the globe

AIS is one of the fastest growing and widely accepted Business Intelligence tools across the globe and is becoming the number one brand in many countries and many industries

From all across the globe, decisions makers and developers in large and small organizations have made AIS central to their bussiness model enabling them to make data driven decisions quickly and efficiently , thanks to the many out of the box features provided as standard solutions offering by AIS