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Ikon Solutions is your exclusive software development firm offering a wide array of software solutions designed to streamline your business and ensure sustainability. Our downloadable software suits offer competitive pricing, instant usability and a much broader range of features than anyone else in the industry. When you need a trusted, reliable source for all of your business software needs, Ikon Solutions is standing by to serve your needs is our philosophy. We were built on the principles of offering a higher level of service and support that you just won’t find anywhere else at any price. Our team of programmers and software designers has the knowledge and experience needed to fulfill all of your company’s software need. Ikon offers a full line of ready built software for Temple / Devasthan, Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), e-Document & Record Management System, Contract Management, Real estate Houses, Procurement modules, sales and Invoicing, Inventory Management, Our clients are important to us and we feel need to give back for their continued patronage and support.


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IKONS’s Service offerings include technological IT products, staff augmentation, packaged software and custom application development.

Presenting the advantages of a Comprehensive Devasthan Trust Temple suite, Print Media planning automation and other ready to use applications,

It also provides end to end strategic IT consulting services ranging from design to development under the onsite and/or offshore

Information Systems Audit Assurance. Bank IS Audit as per regulator’s guidelines. Technology Vendor Audit ...

Core Banking application testing to improve security, internal controls and functionality Gap analysis between ...

Security Awareness training for IT Teams and Users – Banks. Network security tools and techniques ...

e-Document Management
Temple Management Solutions

Temples and religious institutions across Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are among the latest to join the tech-savvy tribe, as they seek to automate and integrate complex processes by deploying sophisticated solutions.

Temples have evolved into a service industry; expectations of devotees have increased," Temples are now like mini corporations, There activities have increased beyond darshan (Sighting the deity), Bhakt Niwas (Devotee Stay) and Mahaprasad (Sacred Food).

So having a stellar web site has never been more important. Temples and Devestan that don’t have mobile friendly websites that are functional are losing devotees interest and reach. Utilize highly qualified resources for design and technical support.

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Engage your devotees with Responsive Web design (RWD) 25% of internet users exclusively access content via mobile devices, and yet 46% of mobile users still report having problems when viewing static sites. RWD ensures the content structure adapts to the specific device being used to view it.Smart phones, tablets and laptops have made the intranet and internet one of the most dynamic mediums for reaching to pilgrims and devotees and manage their donations / Pooja-Seva Booking / Yatri Niwas Devotees should have access to your website any place and any time

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